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10:29:57 am Permalink Important information   English (US)

Categories: Announcements [A], Announcements [B], b2evolution Tips, 69 words

Blog B contains a few posts in the 'b2evolution Tips' category.

All these entries are designed to help you so, as EdB would say: "read them all before you start hacking away!" ;)

If you wish, you can delete these posts one by one after you have read them. You could also change their status to 'deprecated' in order to visually keep track of what you have already read.

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10:29:56 am Permalink Extended post   English (US)

Categories: Background, b2evolution Tips, 42 words

This is an extended post. This means you only see this small teaser by default and you must click on the link below to see more.


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10:29:55 am Permalink Extended post with no teaser   English (US)

Categories: Background, b2evolution Tips, 40 words

This is an extended post with no teaser. This means that you won't see this teaser any more when you click the "more" link.


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10:29:54 am Permalink This is a multipage post   English (US)

Categories: Background, b2evolution Tips, 35 words

This is page 1 of a multipage post.

You can see the other pages by cliking on the links below the text.

Pages: 1 2 3 4

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10:29:53 am Permalink Multiple Blogs, new blogs, old blogs...   English (US)

Categories: b2evolution Tips, 44 words

By default, b2evolution comes with 4 blogs, named 'Blog All', 'Blog A', 'Blog B' and 'Linkblog'.

Some of these blogs have a special role. Read about it on the corresponding page.

You can create additional blogs or delete unwanted blogs from the blogs admin.

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